First post

Hello World! At last this site is up and running. WordPress is quite easy to install and use, as long as you stick to the standard setup. But when trying to mod it, the compatibility between core versions and templates and plug-ins is HELL, to say the least. Oh well, after a lot of forum reading and poking around, it seems that the site is quite nice looking AND without visible bugs. So stop fiddling with it. STOP FIDDLING. Oh well.






3 responses to “First post”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Thank You

  2. Graham Stigant Avatar

    I came across your Blog using a web search.My interest is with the excellent photos you have for the Island Games Triathlon .
    Would it be possible to use some of them on our web site?

    Many Thanks
    Graham Stigant
    Manx Tri Club
    Isle of Man

  3. rokur Avatar

    No problem, I’ll email you the details

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