WinGrodan speaks Faroese

This was one of our first translation projects, which started in spring 2005 and resulted in an official Faroese version in spring 2006. WinGrodan is a Swedish swim meet management system, that is widely used in most Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland). It has an English version too, if any English speaking club should be interested.

The Faroese Swimming Association purchased licenses for itself and all Faroese swimming clubs early in 2005, and soon realized that it would be nice to have it translated into Faroese. The people behind WinGrodan didn’t mind, if only the Faroese could do the translation themselves.And since Rókur here was the most computer technical savvy person in the room at the moment of discussion, he got the honours.

The program itself was quite easy to translate, as all the words were in one big XML-file. We had some trouble with translating the shortcut buttons though, mnemonic keys and stuff, and the help files were soon skipped entirely, for this first version. But now it speaks Faroese, and we’re very proud.






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